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The Superiorty of Stainless Steel Materials

Health Hygiene
The surface with thin and compact chromium oxide of distinct corrosion-resistant of stainless steel has excellent corrosion-resistance,even though,deep in the earth for a long can safely work in the temperatures from -196℃ to 400℃ without being nontoxic,noncorrosive out harmful substances,the stalbe property can keep water pure and healthy.The inner wall of stainless steel tube is smooth to avoid the impurtiy coagulation.On it there is no glutinous impurities,no bad smell,or completely meets the requirements of the International Drinking Water Standard(IDWS)without causing water the secondary pollution.

Economic And Long Working Life
The working life of stainless steel tubes,prove by experiment, can get to more than 100 years,during the usage period,they don't hardly need to be maintained,cost to almost nil.The cost of the integrated use of the stainless steel tubes is lower than a fourth of zinc galvanized tubes,and lower than one tenth of zinc galvanized tubes with the cost of maintenance.

The raw materials of stainless steel are SUS304,SUS316 and SUS316L.The tensile lenghth of the tube made of 304 stainless steel is larger than 520N/mm,twice larger than zinc galvanized tube,three or four times than copper pipe,8-10 times than PP-R. The excellent wear-resisting property of the stainless steel tubes can withstand the rush of current at thr speed of 30 meters per second,and the rush from the mouth of the stream guidance pipe of high head water power plant at the speed of 60 metres per second,the working is even more than 100 years long.Its inner wall is so smooth to keep water flowing betterjower the cost of transportation.

The Excellent Capability Of Green And Environmental Protrct
The stainless steel is the material which can be 100% recycled and re used,causes no evironmental pollution,good for sustainable development.And the waste materials have vast economic value,not garbage pollution for future generations.
The high lenghth of the stainless steel tubes avoid the waste of water resource because extensibility and toughness can significantly bring down the effects from the change of the ground surface and the oscilation of the bulidings.

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