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Comparison of structure

Threaded Connection
Only used in:galvanized steel tube with screw thread.Fitting of
stuffing of hemp rope,raw meal and so on causes water pollution and
secondary pollution.

Compression Joint
Only used in:coppertube
Fitting with special purpose tools
Cannot be torn down
Hot-melt Joint
Only used in:pp-r tube
The crack of heat sealing easily causes cracking.
Fitted with special purpose tools.
Cannot be torn down.
Weld-end Connection
Only used imcopper tube
Fitted with special purpose tools
Bad weld easily causes cracking
Cannot be torn down
PE-X Connection
Only used in:PE-X tube(crosslinked polyethylene)
Fitted with special purpose tools.
Cannot be torn down.
Quick-link Connection
Widely used in:connecting copper pipe, brass pipe,
stainless steel,polyethylene(PE), crosslinked polyethylene
(PE-X)' polyvinyl chloried (PVC), polypropylene
Can be torn down.


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