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2019-09-11 00:00:00



 Copper made tubing and fittings have been the most commonly used domestic plumbing products in the world since the last century.  Lately in 2000’s, however, due to experience of poor water condition, metal corrosion and increased cost over the years, plumbers began to look at alternative material option in polymer, just the time when petrochemical industry gained significant ground in engineered plastics.  Third party laboratories and agencies worldwide continue to develop corresponding codes and standards to put in place for industry’s reference.


 Over the decade AILUN dedicate to and focus on innovation and manufacturing of advanced piping products – mainly metal based Push-Fit (Push-to-Connect) solutions for both domestic and export markets around the globe.  In response to the recent needs and trend, AILUN invested in R&D and now proudly introduce its own polymer based plumbing products to the world.


Firstly, the AILUN Drainage Push Series is the world’s first Push-Fit solution for DWV applications, offering comprehensive 1-1/4”~1-1/2” couplings, fittings, traps and threaded adaptors for kitchen and bath use.  Further, AILUN also present the most advanced PPSU Push Series that best serve 1/2”~1” domestic water supply network and general fluid transport applications; internationally certified and listed by IAPMO/cUPC, ANSI/NSF 14, ANSI/NSF 61, ANSI/NSF 372, ASSE 1061, SGS, etc.

QQ图片20211016143902.png排水快插系列 Drainage Push            QQ图片20211016143933.png给水快插系列 PPSU Push



AIULN engineered polymer Push-Fit fittings can be used with multiple types of pipes, in cold and hot water, above and under ground (behind wall) services, featuring typical PTC characteristics around ‘Ease of Use’, ‘Peace of Mind’, ‘Go Green’ and ‘Unparalleled Performance’, on top of which also providing additional advantages of better flow properties, scale & corrosion resistance, acoustic & seismic mitigation, durability and recyclability, benefitting from the advanced polymer materials utilized.  Just the one product of choice!